Liverpool is on the decline, this is Mo Salah’s promise to the fans

The defending champions of the Premier League, Liverpool are currently in a slump following a series of defeats that they have swallowed in the last few matches. Regarding that, striker Mohammed Salah asked fans to remain calm.

In fact, indications of Liverpool’s current situation have appeared since the turn of last year. Since Virgil Van Dijk had to be sidelined for a long time due to his severe injury, Jurgen Klopp’s men looked inconsistent in terms of performance.

Several times the tactician had rotated positions, sometimes he fielded James Milner as a center-back, sometimes the task was also given to Fabinho.

However, the situation was even worse, with several major players sidelined with injuries. No wonder the club can only surrender when they see the recent results have not matched expectations.

The Marseyside Team has recorded three defeats in a row, each against Brighton and Hove Albion, Manchester City and Leicester City.

Obviously, these defeats made them farther from the top of the standings occupied by Manchester City.

At times like this, Liverpool fans will naturally feel anxious about the fate of their favorite team at the end of the season. The Egyptian winger, Mohammed Salah, felt the same way.

However, the former AS Roma player can promise that satisfying results will return to Liverpool, the team will soon rise from this difficult period.

“It is a difficult period for various reasons. We are champions and we will fight like champions, until the end.”

“We will not let this season be determined by the latest results we have obtained. That is my promise to all of you,” wrote Salah in his personal Twitter account.

Liverpool are now far behind Manchester City. In addition, if they want to reach the top, they still have to get past Manchester United and Leicester City.

Unlike Salah, coach Jurgen Klopp actually feels pessimistic about the chances of his team retaining the Premier League title this season.

“Yes, we can’t win anymore this year. To be honest, I’m not sure we can cut the gap with the teams above us this season,” Klopp said after the match against Leicester City yesterday.

Penulis: | 15 Februari 2021 | blog