Liverpool feared of fail to win due to Covid-19

Peter Moore as a former high-ranking Liverpool official cannot deny the fact that the Marseyside team was worried about failing to become the Premier League champion for the first time in history due to the Corona Virus pandemic that was ravaging.

It must be admitted that Liverpool were the most successful team in the Premier League event in the 2019/20 season yesterday. They are firmly at the top of the standings with a point advantage that is quite far from their closest rivals, Manchester City.

However, once the title was decided by just two wins, the competition was stopped. At that time, the British Government decided to carry out a regional quarantine, aka Lockdown, so that all sporting activities including football had to be temporarily suspended.

Many Liverpool fans feel very disappointed, considering that their beloved club is only a few minutes away from winning the first Premier League title after waiting for 30 years.

Peter Moore, who left his position at Liverpool since last August, did not deny the fact that at that time there was a concern that the competition would be stopped without a team winning.

“I was worried in the first few weeks. It was an unprecedented moment and we are all trying to figure out what it means and how long it can last.”

“There have been some calls to erase the season as if it never happened. The 20 clubs usually meet once in three months. We had 17 shareholders meetings in less than 90 days, “Moore told BBC Sport.

Anxiety has increased when several leagues such as the French Ligue 1, Dutch League and Belgian League have stopped their competition in the midst of the pandemic.

However, fortunately for Liverpool because the Premier League is not affected by other league decisions. Finally they continued the competition and Liverpool managed to become champions for the first time.

“There is a personal interest from the team that feels threatened. It’s hard to argue with them if your livelihood depends on it, ”

“At first I was worried, but quickly I could see us rolling up our sleeves and everyone understands we have to finish this season,” he said.

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