List of coaches who “go back home” to Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane emerged as a figure that surprised many parties, because he wanted to accept back the proposal of Real Madrid with the decision to shift the position of Santiago Solari as the new coach of Los Blancos in the period of the next five seasons.

Solari had to accept the fact he was sacked because of failed to present the Copa Del Rey, Champions League, and it was impossible to catch Barcelona in Spanish La Liga. The Zidane contract itself will expire in June 2022.

The return of Zidane has revived the positive aura of the Madridista. This moment is fairly reasonable, because in the training period from January 2016 and May 2018, Zidane brings Madrid to three consecutive Champions League titles, one La Liga title, one Spanish Super Cup, two European Super Cups, and two World Cups.

Florentino Perez became a figure who really wanted to bring Zidane home, and the results were very good. With this process, Zidane is expected to be able to restore the glory of Madrid on the domestic and European stage.

Apart from Zidane’s moment, it turns out there is the name of the coach before the Frenchman who has the status as a coach behind the cage. Let’s see the list below:

1. Vicente Del Bosque (out in 1994, back in 1996 and 1999)

Experiencing a coach bench void, Del Bosque was present in the 1994 and 1996 seasons. In 1999, after John Toshack was fired, Del Bosque finally got the chance as a full coach. This decision was fairly appropriate, because the coach was able to present many titles ranging from two Champions Leagues, two leagues, one Intercontinental Cup, European Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup.

2. John Toshack (out in 1990, back in 1999)

John was able to present several new record records for Madrid, but his first season was not able to continue in his second season. John returned in 1999 but was unsuccessful.

3. Jose Antonio Camacho (out in 1999, back in 2004)

Camacho came for the first time in the 1999 season. However, he was only able to survive in a few months. Camacho also suffered the same fate in his second season. Within six matches, the figure of Camacho was already invisible.

This moment made Camacho’s name as Real Madrid’s shortest coach in history.

4. Fabio Capello (out in 1997, back in 2006)

Capello came as a young coach in 1996 and brought the team to the league title in his debut season. He did it again in 2006-2007, bringing Madrid’s name back to the championship hunt list.

But unfortunately, the period did not last long, because Capello was bombarded with criticism from his own fans because it was considered not to bring up new tactics and playing styles.

Do you think Zidane will be the successors of previous coaches, who succeeded in making a comeback, interesting to wait for?

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