Lionel Messi & His Bold Fashion Statements

The Majestic Polka

Lionel Messi is not only one of the world’s greatest footballers but has also played a vital role in setting fashion trends and mixing the old trends up with his own personalized style. He has made tons of appearances at award ceremonies and while accepting one of his greatest achievements, a Ballon d’Or for scoring 91 goals, you may as well reset the fashion trends on a whole.

While accepting his magnificent trophy, Lionel wore a reverse polka dot tux with a matching bow tie. The resplendent aura of the footballer made the tux stand out.

The Hipster Mate

Footballers have tons of events and places to go to. Before a game, after a game, before award shows there are tons of press conferences and though all eyes are on your performance on the field at a press conference with all eyes on you, it’s all about how you carry yourself. Messi wore this rad charcoal grey sweater hoodie and a v neck tee underneath with a nice ring.

The Dad of the Year

Leo Messi has a wonderful family. He has three kids and pictures of him taking strolls in the park with his beautiful children and his gorgeous young wife have been circling around on social media and people have really appreciated his dressing sense and cute pictures of him kissing his baby. His style is laid back, it’s casual but not too off-putting, the colors blend amazingly well with his branded sneakers and he looks like the super dad that we have always wanted to see in him. He definitely loves his jackets and hoodies, for sure.

The Football shaped House

What the world has been dying to hear more about and see in its entirety is Leo Messi’s new football-shaped house. The house cost around 7 million euros but since Leo Messi’s going rate was 230 million, that’s not a lot. The house is in the Castelldefels area which is just outside Barcelona. In total it is 35km in its size with two oversized swimming pools and the other side has a lush football practice ground slash lawn. The house has a stone step entrance and for all you fans, it’s a perfect bachelor pad.

The Legend’s Cars

Lionel Messi in total owns about 8 cars out of which 2 are Maseratis with a Ferrari of course but also as a humble addition, a Toyota Prius. He also owns a Dodge Charger SRT8, Audi q7, Audi R8 and a Lexus. The total cost of his cars combined is up to 9.4million euros.

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