Lionel Messi confirms players will take a 70 percent pay cut

Spain is one country that found many positive cases of COVID-19, where the situation forced the Government to do a Lockdown.

With this policy, it means that almost all activities in the State of Matador have been stopped temporarily, including football. Now, all that’s left is the question of how La Liga clubs are responding to the situation? What about the salaries of the players?

Please note, the club has agreed a contract with the player. This contract continues even though the competition is being delayed. In other words, the players should still get their salaries. However, the situation is different now, triggering huge losses for the club.

La Liga defending champion, Barcelona then took a decision related to this situation. They cut the salaries of the players to 70 percent.

Initially, this news was believed to be just a rumor, but Captain Lionel Messi has confirmed it.

“We want to clarify that our desire is always to take the salary deductions we receive, because we fully understand that this is an extraordinary situation and we are always the first to help the club when asked.”

“Therefore, it doesn’t surprise us that from inside the club there are people who are trying to pressure us to do something we always knew we would do.” Messi said.

In addition to salary cuts, Messi also revealed that his colleagues will try to help so that club employees can still get 100 percent of their salary.

“Apart from a 70 percent reduction in our salary, we will also contribute so that club employees can collect 100 percent of their salary during this situation.” He said.

Although this outbreak continues to spread rapidly, Messi is very optimistic that this disaster will soon pass.

“Soon we will get out of this and we will all do it together.” He said.

La Liga was officially suspended for a while, starting from March 12 until now. Before this suspension, Barcelona topped the standings with a one point advantage over rivals Real Madrid.

Besides La Liga, other top European competitions were also suspended including the European Champions League and Europa League.

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