Lionel Messi claimed to be uncomfortable at Barcelona

One Argentine legend, Juan Sebastian Veron, saw something was wrong with Lionel Messi’s current appearance in Barcelona. According to him, La Pulga is not comfortable playing under the revolution led by Ronald Koeman’s new manager.

In fact, Lionel Messi has felt uncomfortable at Barcelona since the last two seasons, he finally wanted to leave the club that raised him last summer. However, Barcelona blocked his intention, and in the end they were forced to survive.

At one time, there were doubts that Messi would appear as usual after what happened last summer. But in fact, the player nicknamed La Pulga has scored two goals in the first six games this season in all competitions.

It’s just that, both goals came from the penalty spot, not open play as is usually demonstrated by the Argentine mega star. In other words, this fact is somewhat bad for the level of a Lionel Messi.

Barcelona is considered to be currently in transition, they are trying to forget Messi with Ronald Koeman as the leader of the revolution.

However, Juan Sebastian Veron saw Lionel Messi’s discomfort when he was on the pitch.

“I find him very uncomfortable playing in a team that is in transition,”

“For many years at Barcelona he was an important player, but now they are in transition, they have a lot of reserves and are trying to find an identity.” According to Veron to Ole via Goal.

Furthermore, Veron felt that Barcelona could not form a team that could make Lionel Messi play at his best level. Meanwhile, on the one hand, the player is determined to continue to be at the highest level.

Thus, there is no guarantee that Messi will survive after his contract expires in the summer.

“It seems clear to me that, to a certain point, the club cannot meet Leo with the right team-mates, particularly in formation and as a team.”

“This, somehow, made it difficult for him. He’s a player who will always try to be competitive and wants to be at the highest level,” he said.

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