Lionel Messi advised not rush to sign Manchester City

If in the end he does leave Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi is advised not to join Manchester City. What’s the reason?

The 33-year-old player was recently rumored to be on the doorstep of the Camp Nou exit.

Last week, Marca claimed that Messi had sent a fax to Barcelona containing a transfer request. This issue continues to strengthen, especially considering his absence from the PCR test session as a prerequisite for Barcelona to carry out preparations for pre-season.

Several European giants have also begun to be linked with La Pulga, especially Manchester City. The fact that the Premier League club’s financial condition is very healthy and also Pep Guardiola’s presence in the managerial seat reinforces this speculation.

In fact, it has been said that Manchester City will not hesitate to pay a salary of 750 million Euros in the next five years to Messi.

Regarding this speculation, Ezequiel D’Angelo who is a Deportivo Moron midfielder advised the six-time Ballon d’Or winner not to rush to join Manchester City.

D’Angelo never felt a trial period for one month at Manchester City, where according to him the weather there was not friendly, including for Messi later.

“It was a great experience. I have been trying to be professional for less than a year, I was on probation for a few weeks and finally lasted for a month,”

“What sticks to me is that it rains all month long. Manchester is a cold city and the house there is the same – it’s different from what we are used to,” he told TT Sports.

Therefore, instead of joining Manchester City, D’Angelo suggested Messi to join Paris Saint-Germain.

One of the reasons for this is the presence of Neymar. As is known, Messi and Neymar have worked hand in hand to deliver a number of prestigious titles for Barcelona in the past.

Then since 2017, the Brazilian player decided to leave Paris Saint-Germain.

“If he thinks he can find pleasure in England, then go away, but he won’t like the weather. It would be better if he joined PSG, and he would enjoy it with Neymar,” he concluded.

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