Lille Wonderkids become the European Giant clubs hunt

Lille wonderkid, Nicolas Pepe is claimed to be the best-selling player for many of the big European clubs, including the foremost, now Barcelona and PSG. The two European giants are willing to offer Pepe to come next season.

Pepe’s name is already familiar in the transfer market, in fact he has become the most targeted player by the club in the 2018 summer transfer market yesterday. Playing neatly on the side of the Lille winger, Pepe’s name indeed deserves to be a struggle for many of Europe’s best League ruling clubs.

The interest of many clubs has opened opportunities for Pepe to develop. This opportunity made Pepe’s response to prepare to move to a bigger club from Lille. As for before Barcelona and PSG, there were already names that were interested in him such as Arsenal, Manchester City, and Bayern Munich.

But now there are only two names left, namely Barcelona and PSG, here PSG is at the forefront because they have a good relationship with Lille so the chances of getting Pepe are very big.

The closeness was evident when the two parties through the two presidents held a meeting. Pepe was claimed to be one of the things discussed at the meeting. Here Lille opens opportunities because it does not want to lose fresh fund transfers. Some time ago they also openly mentioned Pepe’s tagline which was considered fantastic.

“I think 80 million Euros is the price that will make the club satisfied with the offer for Nicolas,” said Luis Campos as Lille’s sporting director.

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