Let’s know more about Solskjaer’s sexy wife

Manchester United fans are sure to be happy with the status of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer now. Two weeks ago, the Red Devils finally raised their status as a temporary coach, now the status of Solskjaer officially becomes a permanent coach.

This special moment presents a three-season contract value. With this certainty, Solskjaer entered as the official coach replacing Jose Mourinho, who was deported in December 2018. When referring to the figure of Solskjaer, the Red Devils fans are no stranger to the figure of the Norwegian-born man.

Solskjaer is known as one of the former Manchester United players in the legendary generation of gold coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. Received the nickname-The Baby-faced Assassin ’, Solskjaer in total played 366 times with 6 Premier League titles and one Champions League title.

Interestingly here, not many people know the figure behind Solskjaer’s success in the world of football, the figure behind the screen was named Silje, who is the wife of Solskjaer. This 44-year-old woman is known as a figure who is active in the social world and both Norwegian citizens.

The relationship between them does not always go smoothly, it was noted Solskjaer almost broke up with Silje because he had to take part in the Norwegian military service. The beginning of their meeting was in 1992 at the Clausenengen Fotballklubb practice site, in Kristiansund.

So far, Silje and Solskjaer have been blessed with three children, Noah (18), Karna (15), and Elijah (10). If you dissect Solskjaer’s wife, there aren’t many who know Silje. Her life is very privacy and far from the spotlight of media cameras.

Silje is known as a strong and loyal woman, as it is evident that she always accompanied Solskjaer when he was down. One of the bad things happened when Solskjaer suffered a severe knee injury and required him to retire early.

A continuing support flow from Silje who wanted Solskjaer to get up and see football from the other side, including supporting the world of coaching. Had a career as a coach with Cardiff City and Molde.

Finally Solskjaer’s career changed like lightning, which was in the end of December 2018. Solskjaer was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Mourinho. At first, many doubted that Solskjaer was considered inexperienced. But all that was able to be answered by Solskjaer with an increase in the performance of the Red Devils.

One real proof of Solskjaer’s cold hand is that Manchester United are back in the hunt for the top four of the English Premier League and are also still in the Champions League stage by qualifying for the quarter-finals.

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