Leonardo Bonucci : “Welcome Back to Juventus!”

After officially joining the former club, Juventus, an Italian national team defender, Leonardo Bonucci was very happy, because he thought returning to Juventus was like coming home, because for him Juventus was like the house he came from.

As we known, Leonardo Bonucci has indeed returned to Turin in the summer transfer window this year after an agreement was reached between the Bianconneri and AC Milan, where the deal was also part of the transfer deal of striker Gonzalo Higuain and defender Mattia Caldara heading for San Siro.

Bonucci actually just left Juventus in the summer transfer window in 2017, after reaching an agreement worth € 42 million between AC Milan and Juventus. Of course, Bonucci’s decision to leave Turin to immediately join the rival club made Juventus fans feel very disappointed.

No wonder the connected players then received a negative response from the fans, even a number of senior Juventus players also seemed not very happy with the defender’s return. However, Bonucci still feels very happy for his return to Turin.

According to the 29-year-old figure, Juventus is his home, so his return to Turin is a very pleasant thing.

“It’s hard to imagine this will happen, but it’s really fantastic this happened, I’m very happy. Turin is my home and Juventus is my home, so I am very happy to return,” told by Bonucci in Juventus’ YouTube channel.

Juventus started their bid to win their eighth Serie A success against Chievo on August 18, while Higuain, Caldera with Milan host Genoa a day later. Apart from Bonucci, Juventus also managed to get Emre Can, Mattia Perin, Joao Cancelo and the most sensational service was Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to information that was heard, Bonucci agreed on a four-year contract with the defending champion of the Italian Serie A.

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