Lautaro Martinez will be perfect for Barcelona

Javier Saviola, the former Barcelona and Argentine national team player fully supports the transfer discourse of Lautaro Martinez to Camp Nou. According to him, the 22-year-old striker would be very suitable for the Catalan Giant playing style.

Lautaro Martinez’s performance with Inter Milan in the 2019/29 season campaign is indeed being inspired. Bertandem with Lukaku, the 22-year-old player could bring Inter Milan to the top of the standings.

Not surprisingly, his talent and the fact that he was very young attracted Barcelona. On the one hand, the Catalan Giant is believed to be eyeing a striker who can replace the role of Luis Suarez.

Understandably, Suarez is quite elderly, age makes this Uruguay star too vulnerable to injury. Well, Lautaro Martinez is considered an ideal successor.

However, it is not easy for Barcelona to get Argentinian player services. Inter Milan are clearly not willing to lose their mainstay striker, then put the official tag of 111 Million Euros. Barca cannot afford the official tag, but work around this with the player exchange option.

Barcelona is claimed to be ready to include one to two players plus 80 Million Euros as part of the offer. Unfortunately, Inter are said to be not interested in such a payment method, they only want 111 million euros from enthusiasts Lautaro martinez.

Apart from the complexity of the transfer discourse, Saviola considers Martinez as the right ammunition for Barcelona.

Lautaro is one of the best strikers at the moment. I like it very much. He will be very suitable at Barca because of its quality. The first time I saw him, I knew he was a soccer player who could play for a big club. I see it perfect for Barca’s front line. Saviola told the United States.

Furthermore, Javier Saviola also expressed his admiration for the figure of Lionel Messi. The Barcelona captain will retire soon, and football will miss him.

Messi continues to amaze us. When he retired, everyone would miss him even though he could still play for a few more years. He is the best player in the world, conquering many records and being an example. One day when he isn’t there there will be a huge gap, he said.

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