Landslide victory against Liverpool, De Bruyne praised by Guardiola

Kevin De Bruyne held a major contribution to the landslide victory won by Manchester City over Liverpool earlier this morning. In addition to goals, he also contributed one assist for goals scored by Phil Foden.

As is known, Manchester City won a landslide victory with a score of 4-0 over Liverpool in the Premier League continued early morning hrs earlier (03/07).

Three goals from the match each printed Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden. Whereas one more goal was created by Alex Oxlade Chamberlain’s own goal.

The goal scored by Kevin De Bruyne in the match stems from Sterling being violated by Joe Gomez in the forbidden box. The referee then pointed to the penalty spot, and the Belgian player executed him well.

While the assists given to Phil Foden were created from Andrew Robertson’s mistake in anticipating the ball.

Manchester City’s two goals in the match could be said to have happened because of goalkeeper Andrew Robertson’s mistake. But apart from that, Kevin De Bruyne undeniably also performed brilliantly throughout the match.

After the match, coach Pep Guardiola then sent a sky-high flattery to the ex-Chelsea who he considered the world’s best midfielder.

“He is a good player. Really, a very good player. He has something unique. He is able to run, has vision.

“Right now he is the best midfielder. Of course he can get better. How to? He knows, “Guardiola said as quoted by Goal International.

Phil Foden also performed brilliantly in the match, the 20-year-old player seems likely to be a star player in the future. Therefore, Pep is determined to ensure that England players are on the right track.

“We try to protect it. Don’t let him play every game. Young players must be careful in their first steps, ”

“He has done extraordinary things that make me believe that in the next decade, he will be an extraordinary player,” he added.

But, this big victory does not mean anything for Manchester City, because Liverpool still managed to become champions.

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