Labeled a ‘failure’, Sebastian Veron has no regrets for joining MU

Former playmaker for the Argentine National Team in the 90s, Juan Sebastian Veron admitted that he did not regret his career with Manchester United, even though his period there was labeled a complete failure.

Keep in mind, Juan Sebastian Veron is one of the best former world midfielders in his Era. He has had a successful career in Italy with Sampdoria, Parma to Lazio.

Then in 2001, Veron decided to move to England and defend Manchester United. Too bad the bald man could only last two years with Sir Alex Ferguson’s troops.

During two years defending the Red Devils, Veron’s performance was far from satisfactory. In fact, the playmaker’s name is on the list of one of the worst recruits in Manchester United’s history.

A little information, actually before joining Manchester United, Veron also received an offer from the Serie A giants, AS Roma. But, at that time he preferred to join the Red Devils.

Although his career at Manchester United was labeled a complete failure, the legend did not regret his decision.

“No, never (regret). I joined United because I had passport problems in Italy and thought a change of scenery would be good for my mind,” he told FourFourTwo.

However, it cannot be denied that he was actually pessimistic when he would join Manchester United, not because of his playing style, but his lifestyle as a Latin American.

“To be honest, I have a pessimistic view of playing in England, because I imagine that life there will be very different from what I’m used to: the Latin lifestyle. But I found an extraordinary club,”

“You would have a hard time finding a club that is so organized, with so many people willing to help,” continued Veron.

Regardless, Veron can only admit that his career in England was not his best period.

“I had so many ups and downs: in some games I played very well, but in others I played poorly. I know that my time in English football is not the best,” he admits.

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