La Liga President called Lionel Messi the money-making machine?

Lionel Messi ended up staying at Barcelona after being on the threshold of the Catalan club’s exit. Not only fans can breathe easy with the decision of the star, but also the Spanish La Liga.

Yes, Messi’s plan to leave Barcelona last summer has indeed become a topic of conversation and has shocked the world of football.

Many claim to be shocked by the news, because Messi has never changed costumes since he arrived at Camp Nou at the age of 12.

Messi has sent a fax containing a transfer request to Barcelona, ​​he asked the club to release him on a free transfer this summer.

However, Barcelona refused to agree with the captain’s wishes. They also insist that Messi can only be redeemed for 700 million euros. As a result, the six Ballon d’Or winners were forced to stay at the Camp Nou.

In his statement, Messi admitted that it was true that he planned to leave Camp Nou last summer because he was disappointed with the club’s current leadership.

But apart from that, the news of Messi’s stay at Barcelona clearly makes some parties feel relieved. Apart from of course the Barcelona fans, there is also the Spanish league side, which President Javier Tebas also acknowledged.

“I love seeing Messi playing in Spain. He is a money-making machine,” Tebas told La Gazzetta dello Sport via Marca.

However, Tebas also admitted that for a long time his side had been preparing to lose Messi, so that it would not have a bad impact on this competition.

“We have been preparing to welcome Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for years so that it does not have a financial impact.”

In essence, Tebas does not want La Liga to become the center of world attention because of a handful of players.

“Important players, but everything continues. Cristiano and Neymar are gone and we are still developing. This is because of our hard work towards the big names of La Liga.”

“No single player can change the entire league. I think La Liga has quality that cannot be compromised,” he concluded.

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