La Liga comeback, Suarez aims can go past Laszio Kubala’s record

Luis Suarez looked enthusiastic looking at the return of the Spanish La Liga competition this season, moreover he stayed just a few goals adrift with Laszio Kubala’s record as one of the top scorers in the history of Barcelona.

Former Liverpool has actually been absent from defense of Barca since undergoing knee surgery in January.

Had predicted could not graze again until this season’s campaign ended, but the coronavirus pandemic that makes La Liga delayed, making Suarez have time to live recovery.

Now, he has recovered and Suarez can perform again when La Liga continues starting on 12 June 2020. Of course, the return of the Uruguay striker is good news for Barcelona fans, because after all Suarez is very reliable so far.

Evidently, since being bought from Liverpool in the summer of 2014, he has scored 191 goals for Barcelona. He is just three adrift behind Laszio Kubala, the third highest scorer in the history of the Catalan Club.

That is, El Pistolero has a record breaking legend of the club in the remaining 11 matches this season. But Suarez was reluctant to focus on the record, because according to him the most important thing right now was team achievement.

“I always say that records or achievements will come in person, you just have to focus on helping the team as best you can.”

“The opportunity to pass a legend like Kubala is very welcome. That means you left a mark at a great club like Barca. ” Suarez told Barca TV.

Barcelona still has 11 matches left, with the fact that they are only two points ahead of Real Madrid, then the competition is still very open.

The remaining 11 games will also not be easy, because summer has arrived, besides that there are no spectators who also filled the stadium stands.

“I don’t think we are used to playing in hot temperatures in the middle of summer, but we are adjusting to playing matches in hot temperatures. While fans, it will feel awkward playing in a stadium without spectators, but we will adjust, “continued Suarez.

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