Kovacic wants to be the next Frank Lampard

The player who was permanently permanent at Chelsea, Mateo Kovacic felt very excited to wait for the touch that will be given by Frank Lampard as the new coach of the Blues for the 2019-20 season. In this case, Kovacic wanted to immediately feel the transfer of knowledge from the London legend.

Lampard is a figure who gets the heart of millions of Chelsea supporters. In his era as a professional player, Lampard was a player who was good at scoring goals and also a captain for his colleagues. Playing as a central midfielder, but Lampard was able to match the goals of an attacker.

Kovacic also wanted to immediately get the aura from the legend. Together with Chelsea, Kovacic had felt as a loan player and was eventually bought permanently. It is unclear how Chelsea’s formation under Lampard, but the spread issue of the Blues will play three midfielders.

If it is true that the formation is used, then Kovacic must prepare to be able to compete with the best Chelsea midfielders as Lampard wants a player who is ready to fight for his team and also himself.

“I was ready to look forward to working with Lampard. He is an extraordinary player, and he has proven last season that he is also a good coach. I have been waiting for time to learn how to break a goal under his care, because he scored quite a lot of goals and I’m not too many last season! “Said Kovacic.

“I may not be the type of midfielder who is exactly the same as him, but he has some special abilities, especially scoring,”

Referring to situations and conditions that are even deeper, despite feeling one of the English Premier League seasons, Kovacic claimed he had not really adapted. He realized that the Premier League was different from La Liga and Serie A.

On that basis, why he wanted to get additional knowledge directly from his handler such as Lampard. Lampard clearly understands exactly what the midfielder who plays in the Premier League needs to do.

“He is a hard worker, so I want to improve that aspect, in working hard, fighting on the field, and scoring goals,” Kovacic added.

In the struggle for the heart of Lampard as Chelsea‘s central midfielder, Kovacic had to compete with N’Golo Kante, Jorginho, Ross Barkley, and Ruben Loftus-Cheek. There is also a young Chelsea player, Mason Mount, who got the chance to show off from Lampard after he worked together when he coached the Derby Country last season.

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