Korean artists who love Indonesian cuisine

The diversity of Indonesian cuisine has indeed captured the world’s attention. Ethnic and cultural diversity is the origin of the many special foods in the country. Not surprisingly, many great figures and public figures of the world are so happy with Indonesian dishes.

As reported by Detikfood recently, some Korean artists even fell in love with Indonesian cuisine. Anyone?

1. NCT

One of the famous Boyband from South Korea, NCT had a chance to hold a Concert in Indonesia, precisely in October 2019. Of course, the concert they held managed to attract the interest of K-Pop enthusiasts. But besides concerts there are other things that also draw public attention.
Runjun, one of the boy band members, uploaded a photo when he was enjoying a Lays snack with a taste of Indonesian roast beef. Unfortunately, other personnel claimed to be disappointed because they could not taste other Indonesian culinary such as Fried Rice.

2. Super Junior

Who doesn’t know super juniors? Boyband seems like this one is worldwide and known to many circles. On several occasions Super Junior had held concerts in Indonesia, including in 2013 ago.
At that time, one of their personnel, Sungmin had stabbed it at the Traditional market and tasted fried food. He fell in love with the food. Then there was Yesung who had a photo session in Jakarta, and ate chicken noodle carts there. Kyuhyun and Leetuk both like chicken curry, fried rice and chicken satay.

3. Lee Min Ho

This handsome actor began to fame since his appearance together in the drama titled Boys Over Flowers. Lee Min Ho himself greeted his fans in Indonesia on several occasions, including in 2013.
At that time, Lee Min Ho did not hesitate to try culinary specialties of Indonesia. Among everything he tried, Lee Min Ho fell in love with Fried Rice. In fact, the actor can finish three dishes of fried rice at a time.

4. Park Bo Gum

The famous Korean actor, Park Bo Gum, had a walk around Jakarta, for local culinary. One of them ate satay, and bought it directly on the side of the road. The actor seemed to be enjoying Indonesian cuisine.

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