Know more about Piatek’s beautiful WAGs

Krzysztof Piatek became a shocking figure in the January 2019 winter Serie A transfer market by choosing AC Milan as a new investment in his career. With a tag of 35 million Euros, Milan and Genoa finally agreed on the process of moving the player.

Luckily for Milan because Piatek immediately fit, where Piatek became Milan’s new star striker in his last few matches. With the title of 19 goals in 21 matches for Genoa, it is only natural why Milan are so insistent on bringing Piatek.

Referring to the course of his professional career, it could be said that his move to Milan was one of the best achievements. Where Piatek before the San Siro was a Genoa player from Cracovia. Even he admitted that he was very happy to be able to play with his favorite team since childhood.

“I have been a Milan fan since childhood and my dream is to play here. Just sitting here next to legends like Maldini and Leonardo is a great honor,” Piatek said.

Improved performance of Piatek is said to be inseparable from the role of his sexy lover named Paulina Procyk. Just 23 years old, Paulina is often seen inside the stadium to watch Piatek matches.

“I am so proud of you. I don’t know what else to add. I am proud of you because you have worked, and you will always work hard to improve yourself day after day. Now your dreams come true. I love you. ”Said Paulina on his personal Instagram account as a form of Piatek’s success in moving to Milan.

Enough with Piatek, then who is Paulina Procy? Luckily Piatek because the lover is not a person who always expects others, where Paulina is a lawyer and also a enterprising student.

It is known until now, Paulina is still a student at Wroclaw University and is now a lawyer. No different from women in general, Paulina is also a lover of fashion and fashion.

Trying to develop his business, Paulina now has 31,000 followers on his Instagram that often presents photos of his favorite clothes. Not just fashion, it turns out Paulina also loves the atmosphere of the city of Italy, and especially Milan as the fashion mecca.

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