Know more about Matthijs De Ligt’s girlfriend who no hesitate show her sexy photos

The figure of Matthijs de Ligt really did get a place at the highest level of world class football. The 2018-2019 season is arguably the first season the name of the player became famous. So far, Matthijs’s best achievement was being able to deliver Ajax to the Champions League quarter-finals.

Matthijs, 19 years did not prevent his dream from being at the highest level. Playing at the heart of Ajax’s defense, his contribution was able to make his name believed to be the team captain and shone even more when Matthijs entered the Dutch National Team’s senior squad.

His excellent performance throughout the season has attracted the attention of many European elite clubs. Just mention there are Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City, Manchester United and Real Madrid which are claimed to be ready to pour large funds to hijack Matthijs from Ajax.

Being the center of attention of the world, the name Matthijs was then most sought after by many people. One curious side that was the matter of his private life, and the hottest one was Matthijs’ girlfriend now. Matthijs is now in a relationship with AnneKee Molenaar.

AnneKee herself is known as a young model with an extraordinary career footprint. It was noted that AnneKee had traveled the world and not hesitate to show her body sexiness. More curious about AnneKee’s figure, then when she got the news, what was seen was the number of AnneKee’s photos, almost naked.

If the name Matthijs continues to circulate in the market, it is not impossible that the name of AnneKee will also be raised too. This happened to the figure of Irina Shayk when dating Cristiano Ronaldo. Although, it was not harmonious because they finally decided to separate in 2017, but until now the name of Irina Shayk is more identical to the figure of CR7.

If you dissect these two figures of Matthijs and Ronaldo, then they will be faced with a difficult situation. Where on Thursday, April 11, 2019, Juve vs Ajax will be present in the 2018-2019 first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

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