Klopp: “This season still very long, must create a bigger gap with City”

Liverpool have just managed to reinforce their position at the top of the English Premier League standings, after winning over Wolverhampton Wanderers. This fact makes a number of parties increasingly believe that Marseyside Team is indeed one of the favorite candidates to win the Premier League trophy at the end of the season. But the coach Jurgen Klopp insists that the championship trophy is still very far from reach and still needs 105 points for the champions.

As is known, before this Liverpool did manage to take over the top of the standings from Manchester City after maintaining an unbeaten record in the first 17 Premier League matches. Citizen himself overshadowed 2nd place with only one point left, making Liverpool have to continue to win in order to maintain the gap.

In the advanced match of Premier League early morning (22/12) local time, Liverpool traveled to Wolverhampton headquarters, and managed to secure full points with a landslide victory 2-0. Mohamed Salah’s goals and Virgil Van Dijk made Jurgen Klopp’s landing squad more solid at the top of the Premier League standings with a 4-point lead over Manchester City who have not played 18th Matchdays.

Even so, the success of Liverpool maintaining an unbeaten record and a successful victory at Wolves headquarters has made a number of British media increasingly believe that Team Marseyside is one of the candidates for the Premier League championship this season. But, Jurgen Klopp is reluctant to accept the title, because this season is still very long.

“If you want to write a headline op Clop says we need 105 points to win the title ‘, then do it. I don’t know how much the team needs this season, but people ask me about the current situation and say that in the last four seasons, the top teams at Christmas will be the league champions. ”

“But has competition ever been this tight? If the other team wins this week, then there are three or four other teams pocketing 40 points at Christmas. That is amazing. So far, it feels like a very special season. Being at the top, getting 48 points in the middle of December is really crazy,” told him at a news conference.

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