Klopp confirms Lallana ready to against Huddersfield Town

Adam Lallana, the England international midfielder is one of the players whose appearance has been severely disrupted by injury, especially since he arrived at Anfield in the summer transfer market in 2014. But, Lallana’s condition has recovered now, even the manager Jurgen Klopp believes the England player is ready to perform in the match against Huddersfield Town.

As is known, Adam Lallana joined Liverpool in the 2014 summer transfer market. He was redeemed by Marseyside’s team with a pretty high pocket after performing brilliantly with Southampton before. In his first two seasons, Lallana performed quite well and often became the mainstay of the Reds, despite a change of coach.

But unfortunately, in the last two seasons, things that are not desirable often happen. This 28-year-old player has often pulled over because of injury, even last season he only appeared twice as a starter in the Premier league, and twice in the European Champions League. This season, Lallana has only played for 3 minutes in the Premier League, due to injury.

But now, the player’s health condition seems to have improved, and this was confirmed by the manager, Jurgen Klopp. Through the official website of Liverpool, the German manager confirmed that most likely Lallana could appear in the Premier League’s advanced match, against Huddersfield Town next weekend.”Yes, of course. Now it’s rather difficult to judge how fit he really is. But, the practice looks amazing; he enjoys playing football. It’s easy to enjoy watching [him]. We will see what we do. Nothing, even he himself, knows how long he can play and things like that.”

“Some things happened in the past that have ended, and that’s good. But, we don’t forget it completely or ignore it. But, he is one hundred percent back and looks very good in training.” explained the German coach through Liverpool’s official website.

Lallana’s recovery could be said to be a very good addition to Liverpool, following the fact that the Reds were faced with a storm of injury at this time. Players like Naby Keita, Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk pulled over because of the injuries that were received at the international break yesterday.

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