Kingsley Coman out again with ankle injury

Kingsley Coman can be said to have just returned from an ankle injury which kept him out for three months and missed the chance to appear at the 2018 world cup yesterday with the French National team. Unfortunately, the fate of the former Juventus player, because when the Bundesliga season was just starting, the same injury again caught him.

As we known, Bundesliga Jeramn has just begun this weekend, with Bayern Munich facing Hoffenheim in the first Spieltag, Saturday morning (25/08) local time. In the match, Coman performed since the first minute, only he could not play full, because of the pain he felt on the ankle that made the French players only appear for 45 minutes.

Coman is believed to have a strong ankle injury in his left leg. In fact, in February he experienced a similar problem in this section and made him have to undergo surgery, missed three months, and missed the 2018 World Cup with France. Bayern won 3-1 in the match, but Coman’s injury has become a special concern at the Pascalaga press conference. Die Roten coach Niko Kovac was very worried about the condition of this player.

“The injury doesn’t look good. He looked very sick. He will immediately undergo a test tonight. I hope that this injury is not serious, but we must be prepared to face the worst possibility,” said Kovac.

This is a bad news for Bayern Munich, because they are planning to make Coman as one of the pillars of the future of the club. Moreover, the 23-year-old figure has just officially redeemed permanently from Italian Serie A giants Juventus. During defense of Bayern Munich, the concerned managed to pack 96 caps and scored 16 goals including in all competitions.

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