Kingsley Coman doesn’t feel threatened by the arrival of Sane

Great chance Leroy Sane joined Bayern Munich in the transfer market next summer. If this transfer is realized, then the player who is potentially excluded is Kingsley Coman. Related to this, the French player is not at all worried about his fate.

In fact, Bayern Munich’s interest in Leroy Sane has been heard for a long time, even since the winger was still in the Schalke 04 costume.

The club lost Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, they regard Sane as the ideal successor. Unfortunately, their efforts endless climax after Sane suffered a severe injury and could not switch clubs.

Even so, Bayern Munich are believed to have still not given up on getting Sane’s autograph, and will try to hook the player again next summer.

Bayern Munich’s opportunity to get the services of Sane is considered quite large, because in addition there is interest from German players, on the one hand Manchester City also did not mind releasing it.

If it is true that Leroy Sane has finally joined, then it is likely that Kingsley Coman will be eliminated from the main squad. Responding to this, the player who was bailed from Juventus claimed not to worry at all.

He did not feel the arrival of Sane could change his fate at Bayern Munich, because when he first joined there were already many top players in the same position.

“When I came to FC Bayern, we had Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben, Douglas Costa and me. And I’m still a young player, with legendary Ribery and Robben before me! You can see from here that this is not a problem for me.

“If Sane comes, that won’t be a problem! Unless the club told me that they no longer needed me. But I think the club knows what they have in me. Leroy Sane’s situation has nothing to do with my own future. ” Coman said to Bild.

Actually, Kingsley Coman was rumored to be leaving the Bayern Munich, but in the end the 23-year-old player decided to stay.

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