Kessie apologized to fans and Biglia

The young AC Milan star, Franck Kessie quickly and immediately apologized to all parties specifically for Inter Milan star, Lucas Biglia, regarding the clash that occurred in the Milan derby in the Italian Serie A continued last weekend.

Kessie himself is a Milan player who played since the early minutes, and was forced to be pulled out by Gennaro Gattuso in the 69th minute of the second half. At that time, Milan was in a difficult situation because of lagging 3-1.

Interestingly here, when Kessie walked to the sidelines to be replaced by another player. Biglia suddenly said a few words to him in an emotional state. Kessie then responded quickly and wanted to take action to Biglia, if he was not arrested by other players.

The match ended in victory for Inter Milan, and both players had already made up after the match. These two players showed their professional attitude when together visiting the mixed zone area. Here, Kessie apologized to all parties including Biglia.

“This incident is just a matter of the atmosphere of the match, I feel frustrated pulled out and really want to do more. I let it go to Lucas and it was a mistake, I apologize after that, “Kessie told the media.

“He is older than me, I should have learned more from him. I’m sorry, “Kessie closed.

When Kessie finished with his apology, it was Biglia’s turn to speak. He claimed that this bad moment should not be seen to the public, and he claimed to be very embarrassed.

“Kessie knew what I was saying, and we had clarified all that. We all want to win, but this is not something we have to do in front of everyone. Maybe save it for the locker room. We don’t want all of this to happen, I feel embarrassed by it and apologize to the players and coaches directly,” closed Biglia.

This 2-3 defeat of Inter has changed Milan’s position from third to fourth. Where their points are 51 and still have the chance to shift Inter who are currently in third place with 53 points.

After this della della madonia, Milan will return to play the continuation of the Italian Serie A against Sampdoria on Sunday, March 31st, 2019 at 02:30 WIB.

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