Juventus’ Sporting Director: Pogba is still a Manchester United’s Player

After a ‘long period of silence’, finally Juventus’ Sports Director, Fabio Patarici spoke about the transfer issue which linked his team to one of the stars of the French National Team, Paul Pogba who was also a former Bianconneri’s player. Patarici stressed that at this time Pogba was still an MU player, and it was not appropriate for him to talk about other club players.

Paul Pogba, 25 years old, was later rumored to be leaving Manchester United in the winter transfer window next January. In fact, the issue has actually been heard since the transfer market last summer. It is believed that Pogba felt that he could not stand the criticism and pressure that continued to approach him for the last two years at MU.

Many European giants are believed to be the destination of the French National Team players, besides Barcelona there is also the former club, Juventus. But, in the end, Pogba remained at Old Trafford, though he is believed to be still working on his move to Turin in the winter transfer window in January.

This news is further strengthened by the issue of disputes between the player and manager, Jose Mourinho. Speaking of the transfer rumors, Juventus’ Sports Director, Fabio Patarici confirmed that Pogba was still a Manchester United player and it was not appropriate for him to talk about other team players.

“He is indeed a Manchester United player. As long as he remains a Manchester United player, that is the best and I will not talk about players who are not from our club,” said Patarici.

Pogba underwent five glorious seasons with the Bianconeri after being dumped free of charge by United’s stronghold in 2012. He was later redeemed by the Red Devils in the 2016 summer transfer market for 100 million Euros.

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