Juventus secretly planning to hijack David De Gea

The figure of David De Gea continues to attract the attention of many European elite clubs, not enough by the name of Real Madrid, who are ready to do piracy against Manchester United. Now comes another figure of a big European club, and this time coming from Serie A champions, Juventus.

Investigated, Juventus side have prepared a big plan so the goalkeeper will leave Old Trafford in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. The 28-year-old goalkeeper is entering his final contract at Old Trafford, where his contract will expire in 2020.

So far, Manchester United are trying to get an agreement on the value of a new contract with the goalkeeper. But so far, their efforts have still not produced results after De Gea continued to reject the offer on the grounds, because of the salary was too small.

This situation then opened the intention of Juventus to take advantage of the opportunities that exist, and monitoring took place. Juventus’ interest in De Gea was based on their intention to replace Wojciech Szczesny’s position.

The Polish national team goalkeeper was indeed a consideration of substitute Gianluigi Buffon, but his appearance under the rule was claimed to be still inconsistent so that it was included in the consideration of Juventus. The target of winning the Champions League forced them to look for an experienced and steel minded goalkeeper.

De Gea is considered to be a very good option for their team next season. In order to realize their dream, Juventus claimed to have prepared super large funds in order to be able to transport out De Gea from Old Trafford. Investigate, Juventus have prepared funds of 60 million Pounds.

In this case, the Red Devils don’t want to reduce De Gea’s sales clause even though the contract expires in the upcoming 2020 season. Not to stop there, the toughest challenge for Juventus is the salary preparation for the goalkeeper, which is worth 350 thousand Pounds per week, where that number exceeds the salary majority of Juventus’ main players this season, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

The possibility of De Gea coming to Juventus is quite large, where the Manchester United situation this season is not good. Where they have the potential to fail to graze on the Champions League stage next season, because they are still in the hunt for the position of the top four of the English Premier League this season.

Penulis: | 28 April 2019 | blog