Juventus revealed the reason for eliminating ‘black and white scratch’ symbol on the latest Jersey

Latest Jersey from the nine-time Serie A champion, Juventus for the 2019-2020 season has been officially marketed. The Juventus’ latest jersey shook the world because it dared to leave its distinctive pattern all along with camouflage or black and white stripes like zebra animals.

For this time, Juventus tried something new by dividing the jersey color into two parts, black and white, with a divider in the form of a pink line in the middle. On the shoulder, new black and white lines that have been seen as a symbol of their greatness.

This big appearance also raises many questions, especially from the loyal Juventus fans. One of the leading Italian media, Football Italia wrote that this change was suspected because Juventus wanted to try to reach the market in America. Where so far they are claimed to have difficulty penetrating the market there with their distinctive jersey, black and white camouflage.

If we refer to the reasons for Juventus, it is fair to say that the American public associates that style with the uniforms that have been worn by referees in American football, basketball, and baseball matches. The Juventus jersey looks more like a referee uniform in America.

At the launch of the latest jersey, which was held on Sunday, 12 May 2019. Juventus tried to invite all fans to support the changes and new things that will be carried out by them in the next season.

The direct introductory session actually happened, and the exact time was when Juventus faced AS Roma at the Stadio Olimpico, on Monday morning. Unfortunately, the hope of a new jersey can bring a positive aura, in fact, Juventus had to beat 2-0 in Rome.

If we dissect Juventus’ actions in bringing up something new, then we might say it’s not strange. Because Juventus also have done the same thing, where they made frontal changes, as they showed when changing the club logo, to just “J”.

Apart from the cease-fire over the appearance of the newest jersey, the Juventus side in fact continue to carry out this project and are very optimistic that they can provide a lot of trophies next season.

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