Juventus prepare a 4-year contract for Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo will turn 35 years old this year, but Juventus have no doubts about his capacity until 2024. A new contract was prepared by Bianconneri for the player.

As is known, the former Manchester United star was brought in by Juventus from Real Madrid in the summer transfer market in 2018 ago. At that time, Bianconneri redeemed Ronaldo’s services at price of 100 million Euro

Although this transfer is somewhat surprising, but not a few who criticize Bianconneri’s policy. Because, Cristiano Ronaldo is 33 years old, and they doubt the striker will be able to sharpen in Italy with Juventus.

Anxiety is increasingly apparent among fans, after Ronaldo has only packed 28 goals from 43 appearances in his inaugural season with Juventus. The amount is quite a lot, but not as much as when he was costumed Real Madrid.

But Ronaldo, then proved that he still deserves to be taken into account. This season, he has already scored 25 goals in all competitions, even though the campaign has not ended. It was also noted that he has scored 9 consecutive goals in the last 10 matches of Juventus.

Unfortunately, the cut must be stopped when Juventus met Lyon in the Champions League event at the end of last February. However, that fact does not necessarily make Juventus doubt Ronaldo’s abilities.

They are even more confident and are now preparing a new contract for Portuguese players. If the contract is agreed upon, Ronaldo will stay at Juventus until 2024. Or means until the player is 39 years old!

However, still from the same report, Ronaldo also set certain conditions if he wanted the new contract he agreed. One of them is the club has to bring in a younger striker to be a tandem on the front lines.

On the one hand, it is believed that Juventus are also ready to fulfill these Conditions. In fact, they have already pocketed several names of players such as Harry Kane, Timo Werner, Erling Braut Haaland to Mauro Icardi.

Among the four players, it is believed that Mauro Icardi is the main target of Juventus. He is indeed still an Inter Milan player on loan at Paris Saint-Germain. But it is not impossible that the Argentine crossed to Turin.

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