Juventus Has No Chance to Win the Scudetto This Season

This opinion was shared by one of the former Juventus players himself, Christian Vieri. According to him also, currently only AC Milan and Inter Milan can fight for the Scudetto title in the remaining 10 matches.

It is undeniable that Juventus’ performance in this season’s campaign looks worse than in previous seasons. However, it can also be said that this is the impact of the transition in the squad, plus the arrival of a new coach.

The inconsistency in performance is evident from the results found by Andrea Pirlo’s men, where from the 27 Serie A matches that have taken place, they have lost 33 points due to defeats in 11 matches.

But this dropping performance did not necessarily mean that the Bianconneri were really down, because after all they were still in 3rd place in the standings.

In that position, the defending champions are 10 points behind Inter Milan who are at the top.

Mathematically there is still a chance for Juve to catch up on the existing gap, especially since they still have one save match. However, some parties have doubts about the Bianconneri’s chances of defending the Scudetto title this season.

The same opinion was expressed by Christian Vieri, however, he could not guarantee that Inter Milan was definitely a champion, because there was still an active pursuit from AC Milan.

“I think Juventus are out of the Scudetto fight but it hasn’t been said that they have been given to Inter. Milan are doing well and anything can happen in ten rounds. Football is the game of the Devil, “he exclaimed at the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Milan, who are in second place, are only six points away from the top of the standings, which is why Vieri believes that the Rossoneri also have a chance to win the Scudetto this season.

“They have to believe because there are only six points at the moment, basically two games. After the defeat against Manchester they won big against Fiorentina, ”

“Many say that Milan will fall but they are still there and now they can play carefree, they are hungry,” said Vieri.

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