Juventus fans asked to be patient with Aaron Ramsey

Former Wales national team coach Chris Coleman asked the Bianconneri fans to be patient to see the best version of Aaron Ramsey. According to him, the former Cardiff City player was adapting to Italian football.

Previously, Aaron Ramsey was an Arsenal player, but the 2018/19 season was indeed the last season in his contract with the Premier League club.

The Welsh midfielder is said to have reached a pre-contract agreement with Juventus since February 2019. Five months later, or in the summer transfer market yesterday, he immediately officially joined the Bianconneri on a free transfer.

So far, the 29-year-old midfielder has recorded 24 appearances in all events this season, but only 9 of them as a starter. The situation made the future of Ramsey questioned by Italian media.

Many believe that Juventus fans are disappointed that Ramsey did not have an instant impact on their favorite team. However, former Wales national team coach Chris Coleman tried to provide understanding.

For Chris Coleman, the unsatisfactory appearance shown by Ramsey was fairly reasonable. Because the former Arsenal must adapt to the new environment, a new style of football and new team-mates as well.

“My advice to him is, obviously, I don’t know what happened at Juventus, if he had a chance at Juventus and Sarri liked him, but he might not be at his best.”

“It might take time for him to get used to a different culture because it’s not easy. It’s not like walking in a park when you go from one country to another. There are different types of football, various requests, different challenges, “he explained.

Keep in mind too, at Juventus Ramsey also competes with top players like Blaise Matuidi, Miralem Pjanic and Sami Khedira. Of course it’s not easy for a newcomer to compete with a player who has been playing for Bianconneri for a long time.

But on several occasions this season, Ramsey had managed to impress the Juventus fans. However, he still needs to work hard in order to penetrate the main squad directed by Maurizio Sarri.

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