Juventus and Rugani finally agree to extend long-term contracts

Juventus continued to look to improve themselves, after leaving Massimiliano Allegri from the coaching chair next season. Now they are not only focused on the coach, but at the same time, Juventus also clear the problems of their players’ contracts.

Evidently, Juventus just released a long-term contract agreement with Daniele Rugani. In a gossip, these two sides only need to complete the final phase of the signing of a new contract, with a value that has risen from the previous one.

Rugani is one of Juventus’ future defenders, who was released in 2015. With a transfer value of 5 million Euros, Juventus successfully convinced the player to leave Empoli. During his career, Rugani was often rumored to be leaving the Allianz Juventus soon.

This is because the player feels his playing hours are not much, as a result many European elite clubs try to tease him. But all that seems raw as Rugani claimed to be ready to survive with Juventus with the new Eid.

This speculation also strengthened regarding the arrival of Maurizio Sarri as the new Juventus coach. If referring to the figure of Sarri, then the coach is not a foreign face for Rugani, as he is the one who provides a developing opportunity for the player.

If it were true that Sarri arrived at Juventus, it was not impossible that Rugani would playing more as Juventus defender next season. Rugani is one of Sarri’s favorite players, and the coach is claimed to be ready to work together again with the player.

Rugani’s quality and togetherness with Sarri make him believes that it will make Juventus’ defense become stronger. On that basis, that’s why Sarri is ready to give more opportunities to this Italian national team player.

Indeed the chances of Rugani play in the main squad of Juventus are bigger now, because their defenders are currently entering the end as players, like Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci who are in their old age, and that means that the age of Rugani still provides an opportunity to become The Next great wall of Juventus.

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