Juventus and Barcelona discuss player exchange agreement

Speculation that has been heard so far claims that Juventus are discussing with Barcelona about Miralem Pjanic’s planned exchange with Arthur Melo. Who would have thought, the news was indeed true and confirmed Fabio Paratici.

This transfer rumor has been echoing since the last few months. It involved an exchange between Pjanic and Arthur Melo, but it was mentioned that negotiations between the two teams were deadlocked.

Indeed, there is an agreement between Juventus and Barcelona. Defending champions Serie A Italy are willing to release Pjanic to Camp Nou, as well as Barcelona, ​​they are willing to give up Arthur to Turin.

Likewise with Miralem Pjanic, he is willing to move closer to Camp Nou, only Arthur Melo is said to be reluctant to move to Turin.

Slowly, this speculation was eroded, there was no recent news about it until finally claims emerged from the Italian transfer expert, Gianluca Di Marzio. He stated that Artur Melo had changed his mind and was ready to move to Juventus.

Regarding the claim, Juventus sporting director Fabio paratici admitted that this was true. Only, 47-year-old man revealed that the negotiation process is currently pending.

The delay in the agreement between the two camps is due to the tight schedule of matches for the rest of the season.

“We talk quite often with Barcelona, ​​but at the moment all the teams are playing important matches, so we choose to spend this time,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

The transfer process is believed to be completed on 30 June 2020, but there is no definitive news yet. Related to this, Fabio Paratici emphasized that the most important thing was not the agreement, but the willingness of all parties to reach an agreement.

In other words, Pjanic must agree to move to Barcelona, ​​as well as Arthur Melo must be ready to move closer to Turin.

“This is not a matter of June 30, before or after, but a matter of finding agreement between various parties, and both players must be convinced. Therefore, the date is not a problem, “he concluded.

Miralem Pjanic himself has been close to Juve since 2016, while Arthur Melo has only joined Barcelona since 2018.

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