Just Sharing: a former smoker with collapsed lungs

Are you smoker? How long have you been in the habit? You should just leave it or those of you who are just planning to smoke, you should undo it. The reason is, smoking does cause many negative sides in our body, including lung cancer to death.

Speaking of the dangers of smoking, recently Viral On social media about the story of a man who must be willing to have his chest pierced because of smoking. Seam Firdaus (31) from Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, claimed he had never taken seriously the appeal of the dangers of cigarettes that were scattered everywhere, until finally he felt the effects and consequences of these bad habits.

As reported by AFP, the man who is known as one of Jakarta’s former brothers-none tells of the beginning of the disease he suffered from smoking. He felt a great tightness in the chest since last August. X-ray results indicate lung collapse or in the medical world is often called a pneumothorax (pneumothorax).

Hearing the explanation from the doctor, Daus himself went limp, helpless and as if he didn’t believe.

“After the X-rays came out, I was caught by my shortness of breath because of what, it turned out that my right lung was deflated and surgery had to be taken to install the hose. That was between shock, fear, weakness and hearing because my whole life had never been hospitalized. “Going to the hospital immediately hurts quite badly,” said Daus when contacted by Detik.com.

What he felt Daus also uploaded via Facebook, not just words, he also uploaded photos when he received treatment from a doctor. Some netizens have prayed for his recovery, but there are also some who do not believe. For those who do not believe, Daus understands because he himself also did not believe in it in the past.

“Naturally, those smokers do not believe what I experienced. Even in the past I could not believe or ignore articles or news about the dangers of smoking. But after I felt it myself, it turned out like this was the result,” added Daus who is currently indeed still undergoing a period of recovery.

Penulis: | 13 Desember 2019 | blog