Jurgen Klopp’s most ‘emotional’ moment is when Liverpool won the EPL trophy

Even though it has won the European Champions League trophy, the Premier League trophy is an achievement that makes Jurgen Klopp very emotional.

Liverpool are indeed irresistible to win their first Premier League title this season. The Marseyside team has even locked the championship trophy after only 31 matches.

In other words, Jurgen Klopp’s troops have not been overtaken in the remaining 7 matches by their closest rivals, who are none other than the defending champions, Manchester City.

Thus, Liverpool finally managed to win their first Premier League title. The Marseyside club has not won the League since the new format was rolled out in 1990.

As for coach Jurgen Klopp, the Premier League trophy is the fourth trophy won with Liverpool. While the other three trophies are the Champions League Trophy, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup which were won in the 2018/19 season.

But among the four trophies, the Premier League Trophy has a special place in Jurgen Klopp’s heart. In fact, he was speechless when he called his wife.

“I want to talk to Ulla but I can’t. I was talking with her on the phone but I can only cry. I don’t know why that happened,”

“I’m both proud and worried, but I can’t stop. I’ve never had a situation where I can’t stop crying in my life,” he said on LFCTV’s Golden Sky show: ‘Klopp’s Champions’.

The emotion intensified when he left the dressing room and shut himself up. At that time, he was very touched because finally the burden he had been carrying had been completely released.

“Then I realized step by step that there was pressure! Which I didn’t feel when I was in the situation but being the coach of this club is a great honor,”

“There is a responsibility, you could say it like that. And of course that responsibility falls from my shoulders and there should be a reason for that. It feels very strange, very good, very emotional, a very special moment in my life,” he concluded.

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