Jurgen Klopp ridicules UEFA Nations League

Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp seems to be very disliked of the international competition known as the UEFA Nations League. The reason is that kind of competition makes the mainstay players have no time to rest in the midst of the tight schedule this season. Klopp did not hesitate to call the UEFA Nations League as the most senseless competition.

As is known, UEFA is the highest football association in Europe has indeed initiated a new competition between European countries, known as the UEFA Nations League. This competition was rolled out starting last August, when the club level competition was taking a break. Almost all European countries participated in this competition, and it could be said that this competition was detrimental to the club.

The reason is those who are busy with the various schedules of various competitions must give up their players to defend their respective national teams. In addition to disrupting the fitness factor, the competition in the competition also has the potential to bring injuries to the players. No wonder, many coaches have criticized the competition including one of Liverpool’s managers, Jurgen Klopp.

According to him, UEFA Nations League is the most senseless competition ever in football. He also hopes that his players can return in fit condition and not be injured by the injuries during the competition.

“If someone tells me after 8 matches I will get 20 points, I will say this with consideration of this schedule: I will take it, let’s start with the 9th matchdays! Unfortunately, they will go again now and have to play in the Nations League – the most senseless competition in the world of football. We hope they will be back in good health and easily play in these competitions, such as Premier League, Champions League and all this. This is a difficult period for the team, huh? We have to start thinking about the players,” told Klopp to the reporters.

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