Jurgen Klopp Is Pessimistic About Liverpool’s Chances Of Finishing In The Top 4

Mathematically, Liverpool are still very likely to end this season’s campaign by finishing in the top four of the Premier League standings, but coach Jurgen Klopp considers that opportunity is unrealistic.

It must be admitted, Liverpool this season does look very different from last season, where their current performance is inconsistent, especially in the Premier League.

The Reds have suffered several defeats they should have won, even Jurgen Klopp’s men swallowed six straight defeats at home, which is the worst record in club history.

A series of bad results has left Liverpool stranded in 6th place in the Premier League standings. In that position, they collect 46 points or are 5 behind from fourth place occupied by Chelsea.

With 9 games remaining, of course Liverpool still have a chance to catch up with the five-point deficit, but coach Jrugen Klopp looks pessimistic about the opportunities that exist.

Not without reason, the man from Germany thinks that currently there are many big European teams that have a target to finish in 4th place.

“I like to be an optimist, but in the league it is almost impossible to qualify for the competition for the places we have,”

“At Tottenham, Gareth Bale is playing again, and they are also competing. Plus City and Manchester United, who are very far away,” he told Sport Bild.

Not to mention, Chelsea who is ranked 4th is also improving in terms of performance.

“Chelsea is on the rise. Reaching Champions League qualification through the league will be difficult, we know that. You don’t usually win the Champions League yourself in one year with injury concerns as big as we have,” said Klopp.

In short, Klopp considered Liverpool almost impossible to finish in the top four of the standings. However, the Marseyside Team still has a chance to qualify through the European Champions League.

Penulis: | 18 Maret 2021 | blog