Juan Mata suggests Lionel Messi to join Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata also commented on the speculation of Lionel Messi’s future which has recently become a byword. If the Argentine is really interested in a career in the Premier League, Mata suggested that he join Manchester United.

Messi’s current status at Barcelona is still under contract, but his contract only remains until 2021. Meanwhile, there has been no sign of a new contract extension to date.

Most likely, Messi will indeed move clubs in the summer, if you look at the fact that he has sent a transfer request since last summer.

But clearly the question is which club can accommodate a player like Lionel Messi next season. This is because the winner of the six Ballon d’Or demands is quite high.

Reports were heard claiming that Manchester City were interested in taking him to the Etihad Stadium next season, as Pep Guardiola’s team was also rumored to be Messi’s goal last summer.

But Juan Mata hopes that this speculation does not really materialize, because of course it will hurt his club as rivals of Manchester City.

In fact, the Spanish midfielder hopes that Lionel Messi can consider the option of joining Old Trafford if he wants a career in the Premier League.

“I hope not – I hope not for the good of my club. I do not know what will happen, but I am not moving there. If he moves to Manchester, I hope he will go to my club and not the others,” he said. Goal International.

Furthermore, Juan Mata expressed his opinion regarding the transfer speculation. According to him, it is a very natural thing in football, depending on how the players respond to these rumors.

“There are always rumors, for example, that Cristiano Ronaldo might return to Manchester in the future,”

“One thing I realized in professional football is that you have to focus on what can be controlled, and forget about what cannot be controlled,” he concluded.

Apart from City, Lionel Messi is also rumored to be able to reunite with Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain.

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