Jose Mourinho insinuated Jurgen Klopp about winning trophies

Recently, ahead of the North West Derby match against Liverpool, Manchester United coach, Jose Mourino, insinuated Jurgen Klopp who always won praise for his performance while taking care of Liverpool, but haven’t won any championship trophy. According to Mou, the championship trophy was very important for every team, coach or player. Responding to this, the German coach certainly did not stay silent.

As is known, Jurgen Klopp has started to deal with Liverpool since November 2014 ago, and since he was trusted to handle The Reds’ first team, the question is indeed often flattery. Because the performance of Liverpool is keep increasing every season, even in the last season they managed to step up to the European Champions League final.

Meanwhile at the beginning of this season, Klopp and his team also received flattery, because they have not been touched by a total of 16 Premier League matches that have been going on and currently they are at the top of the standings. Regarding to this achievement, Jose Mourinho himself did not deny Klopp’s good performance except that the Portuguese coach suggested Klopp to win the championship trophy, because it was very important.

Responding to the strong satire of the former Real Madrid and Chelsea coach, Klopp did not say anything, confirmed by the German manager that he was only trying to work and give the best for Liverpool.

“Whether it should be? Should I win it? Obviously this will be remembered by many people but I work the best for Liverpool. This is what I believe,”

“I cannot change the opinion of people who call our progress in the Champions League last season a failure because they failed to win in the final. Is the achievement the most successful? No, but our season is brilliant. I enjoyed it. Escaping to the finals is fantastic. If only the best counts while working hard, then life is very annoying,” Klopp said.

On the one hand, Mourinho’s work as coach of Manchester United since the summer of 2016 was often criticized for his defensive playing style, but The Special One successfully presented 3 titles in his first season at MU.

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