Jose Mourinho hails Juventus’ philosophy and big ambitions

Despite having become the main rival of the Old Lady while still handling Inter Milan in the past, Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho seems to admire Juventus at this time. After his team was eliminated in a home match in the middle of the European Champions League last week, the Portuguese coach is still impressed with the philosophy of the defending champions Italy Serie A. Not only that, Mourinho was also impressed with the big ambitions of Juventus to win the treble winner.

Juventus have indeed experienced rapid development over the past seven to eight years. Over the past seven years, the squad under Massimilliano Allegri’s direction has won 7 Scudetto titles in a row and stepped into the European Champions League finals in two different editions. But, the record of these achievements does not necessarily make Juventus feel satisfied, seen from their sign in the transfer market last summer.

Yes, Andrea Agnelli’s team managed to attract a series of star players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Emre Can, Leonardo Bonucci and Joao Cancelo, proving that they were indeed ambitious to wipe out all the championships. Especially the European Champions League, where the trophy has never been achieved by the Old Lady since 1996. This season, they started well, winning three wins from three group phase matches. Latest, Juventus humiliate Manchester United at Old Trafford through the final score 1-0.

The defeat did not necessarily make the MU coach, Mourinho’s post feeling upset himself. In fact, the Portuguese coach admitted to being impressed with Juventus, starting from the Philosophy to the extent of their determination to continue to be able to compete and wipe out all titles.

“I really admire the philosophy which applied by Juventus. I really don’t know what or what. I also don’t know how their management is. But I think their happiness is to achieve results on the field. Juventus are now pursuing treble winners. If not this season, they will catch up again next season. If not next season, they will again chase in the next season. Treble Winners in Italy still belong to Inter. But Juventus is getting closer, getting closer.”

“Therefore I don’t like it when you [journalist] don’t think I’m serious about calling the ranks two seasons ago [in the English Premier League] a fantastic result. This season will run harder. In modern football, all teams are getting stronger and ready to invest millions of pounds,” said Mourinho, as quoted by The Telegraph.

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