Jose Mourinho complains about the international break again?

The international break seems to be completely unacceptable to a number of parties, including Jose Mourinho. The manager from Portugal did not even hesitate to send sarcastic insinuations regarding the continuation of the international break this time.

Actually, let alone the international break, the continuity of club-level football matches is still in the spotlight. The reason is, the Corona Virus Pandemic is still ongoing.

But indeed, the demand to travel long distances increases a football player to be exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Sure enough, recently there have been many Covid-19 cases that have emerged among football players after the International break.

Including one of them is Alan Browne, an Irish national team player who tested positive for the Corona Virus after playing the full match against the England national team at Wembley.

Obviously this raises concerns that there will be new cases found among England national team players, especially those who had direct contact with Alan Browne throughout the match.

Mourinho also poured out his frustration at the match at the international break after his right-back, Matt Doherty tested positive for the corona virus.

Through his Instagram account, the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach sent a sarcastic insinuation.

“What a week of football. Extraordinary emotions in national team matches, incredible friendlies and total security, ”

“Covid test results after matches are played, foreigners running on the field during team sessions and more. After another training session with only six players, it is time to look after myself, ”wrote Mourinho.

Actually, it is natural to hear Jose Mourinho’s chatter, considering that some of his other players are not in a fit condition. Not to mention, there are some tough matches that Tottenham Hotspur also have to face starting in the middle of this week.

In fact, in the Premier League next weekend, they will face Manchester City.

Victory is certainly the main mission of Jose Mourinho’s troops considering that currently they are still in 2nd place in the Premier League standings, one point behind the leaders, Leicester City.

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