Jorge Lorenzo’s father doesn’t support his son return at MotoGP

Chicho Lorenzo, Jorge Lorenzo’s biological father strongly disagrees with the idea of ​​his son returning to the Race Track. Contrast with the support of other riders who hope that the former Repsol Honda Team racer postpones his retirement decision.

For information, Jorge Lorenzo decided to retire at the end of 2019 yesterday. His decision to hang the helmet was based on a prolonged shoulder injury.

While Chicho Lorenzo is a figure who introduced the Rider to the sport. His father was known for being disciplined and hard in educating Lorenzo in the racing world. No wonder Jorge Lorenzo can compete and win five world titles before retiring.

Chicho considers Lorenzo’s decision to retire based on bad experiences experienced by his son.

“Jorge’s entire life is a matter of his work. This can pull you into a routine of brutal life and you will find it difficult to realize. If you think about retirement, it’s because you had a bad experience, “Chicho said as reported by Speedweek.

After hanging the helmet, the Spanish Rider did not immediately leave the world of racing. He received an offer from Yamaha to become a test rider from the Japanese manufacturer. Reportedly, Lorenzo will even go back down to the Circuit as a Wildcard Rider.

Regarding the child’s decision not to completely leave the world of motor racing, Chicho understood.

“After ‘braking’ hard, you are relieved by the loss of burden, but there is a vacancy and you don’t know how to fill it. As a test rider, Jorge can fill the void without losing rhythm, but he also doesn’t have to carry the burden like when competing, “said Chicho.

Support to postpone retirement decisions is often voiced by other riders to Lorenzo, and the father admitted his son could have delayed the decision. But as his parents, Chicho hopes that Lorenzo will not return to racing.

After all, his son was successful enough to become a world champion five times.

“If there is a supportive situation and he can run with more positive aspects, then maybe. But I hope not, because we parents suffer a lot. I think he has done everything and has been very successful, “he concluded.

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