Joins Liverpool, Timo Wenger ready to reject Barca and MU

RB Leipzig’s mainstay striker, Timo Werner is claimed to have been impatient waiting for the transfer market next summer to arrive. The 23-year-old figure awaits an offer from Liverpool, even he is willing to ignore offers from other clubs such, as Manchester United and Barcelona.

For the past four seasons or so, Timo Werner has been playing well together with RB Leipzig. He was even labeled as one of Europe’s best young attackers. He also got a call from the German National Team because of his consistent performance.

During this period, Timo Werner showed quite rapid development. No wonder then that he attracted the attention of a number of European giants such as Barcelona, Manchcester United, Real Madrid to Chelsea.

But among those interested, it is believed that only Barcelona and Manchester United have started talks with the German Bundesliga Club. Only, The Athletic reports that Timo Werner has ignored the possibility of joining these two clubs.

The German national team striker is believed to be just waiting for an offer from Liverpool. If the Marseyside Team is interested, they can redeem the Timo Werner clause worth 52 million Pound sterling.

But, the offer must be submitted before April, because that number could increase even higher as the clause contained in the player’s contract.

What is clear, Timo Werner himself had expressed interest in Liverpool, and seemed to want to play for the direction of the team Jurgen Klopp.

“Liverpool are the best team in the world at the moment and when you are linked with a team of that class, obviously I feel proud. In that respect, I feel proud, but I know Liverpool have a lot of good players and I have to develop myself, to learn many things before reaching the level of playing there,” Werner told Viasport some time ago.

In fact, Liverpool already have a complete attack line. But considering Roberto Firmino will turn 29 next season, it doesn’t hurt they are recruiting younger players. After all, Salah and Mane could be absent early in the next season due to playing in the African Cup of Nations.

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