John Terry wants to be a football coach

One of Chelsea’s legend and England’s National Team, John Terry has indeed entered the managerial world by serving as an assistant coach at his last club, Aston Villa. However, this 37-year-old player admitted that his main desire was to become a football coach, as one of his colleagues, Frank Lampard, had revealed.

As is known, John Terry has indeed officially decided to retire or “hanging his shoes” from his career as a football player Monday (08/10) local time. However, his decision did not really mean that he left football completely. In fact, Terry still survives at Aston Villa and plays a new role as an assistant coach at the club.

Yes, Terry has officially entered the managerial world with his job as an assistant coach. However, the 37-year-old admitted that his desire was to handle the football team, become a coach like his two colleagues in the England National Team, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

“I am ready for the next round of life, let’s look forward to what will happen in the future. Hopefully it will presents half of my success as a player. Frank is a good friend. I saw it on another night. That’s also the ambition that I have [being a manager], it’s been a long time.”

“I have ambitions and aspirations to become a coach, manager, for a long time. But, as I said, it takes time to reflect on it. That is the most important thing for me.” told Terry to Sky Sports.

Meanwhile, Frank Lampard has officially worked as coach of Derby County, Championship Division Team since last summer. Meanwhile Steven Gerrard works as Rangers FC coach, Scottish League club.

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