John Stones dates a young and sexy widow

John Stones now can be said has been move on after separated from his ex-lover. Reportedly, the Manchester City center-back already has a new lover that is known to be very sexy and a beauty expert, Olivia Naylor.

Before meeting Olivia, Stones had a very long date with her childhood friend named Millie Savage. If referring to the love case, Stones with Millie have known each other since the age of 12. But apparently, the old relationship did not make the Stones upset and now move on.

Right at the beginning of March 2019, Stones already had a new girlriend. Interestingly here, when Olivia’s background is a widow of one child. But the age of the Olivia is six years older than Stones.

The beginning of this gossip is because Stones are often seen at Olivia’s house, the Lamborghini cars that are known to belong to the Stones are seen often struck by Olivia’s house. All this happened when the Stones decided to move to a new home after moving from Everton to Manchester City.

Olivia herself is known to be very active on social media and has millions of followers in Manchester. Not infrequently he uploaded photos of sex with the child who succeeded in getting a lot of likes, especially from men.

“The meeting took place when Stones finished training with Manchester City. There is an instant relationship. Olivia was pregnant at the time and they had the same friends, “said one trusted source.

“Olivia is a sexy and beautiful widow of one child. For now, she is focused on making a business till successful and of course another of her main focus is to become a good mother, “she concluded.

The source added that Stones did not want to introduce Olivia to the public, but for sure both of them had a happy relationship and Stones himself seemed to focus on living their careers with Manchester City which this season had the chance to win four titles at once.



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