Joan Mir said thank you to Davide Brivio

The 2020 MotoGP season champion, Joan Mir, also expressed his gratitude and goodbye to Davide Brivio, who recently decided to leave his position as Team Manager Suzuki Elcstar to join Formula 1.

In fact, the issue of Davide Brivio’s move to Formula 1 has started to evaporate since the beginning of this week. Reportedly, he will join the Alpine F1 Team.

However, until Thursday (07/01) local time, there was no official statement from the Alpine F1 Team. Even so, Suzuki has confirmed that Brivio has officially left his position as Team Manager of the Suzuki Elcstar.

It should be noted, Davide Brivio is a former personal manager of Valentino Rossi who later moved to become manager of Suzuki since the end of 2012.

Under his direction, Suzuki managed to break into MotoGP again in 2015, and culminating in the successful team winning the world title with Joan Mir in the 2020 season yesterday.

No wonder Davide Brivio’s decision to leave Team Suzuki was quite a surprise to Joan Mir. Even so, the 2020 MotoGP world champion appreciated Brivio’s decision and thanked him for his guidance so far.

“Thank you @davide_brivio for putting your trust in me and guiding me to fulfill my dreams and become world champion @motogp! I wish you all the best for your latest challenges!” wrote Mir via his Personal Instagram account.

Shinichi Sahara, as the Director of the Suzuki Ecstar Team, also admitted that he was surprised by Davide Brivio’s decision, especially recently, he also frequently chats with Brivio regarding plans for the upcoming 2021 season.

“To be honest, we were shocked to hear the news about Davide’s departure. It was as if someone had taken a part of me, because I always discussed with him about how to develop the team and the bike, and we have been working together for a long time,” said Sahara.

However, the Team must move on and now Suzuki will try to find the right replacement for Davide Brivio.

“In 2020, we will achieve fantastic results despite the difficult situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, 2021 will be an even more important year for us to maintain momentum.”

“We will also try to find ways to fill the void left by Davide,” he concluded.

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