Joan Mir reveals his best moment in MotoGP 2020

Becoming a MotoGP champion is indeed the best moment for Joan Mir in this 2020 season, but the Spanish Rider prefers the moment when he overtook Valentino Rossi at the San Marino GP as the best moment.

As is known in the race, initially two riders graduated from VR46 Academy, Franco Morbidelli and Peco Bagnaia, while Rossi himself was in 3rd position.

The Doctor looks determined to maintain his position, in order to clean the podium at the Misano Circuit. However, Joan Mir managed to thwart it.

Right on the last lap, this Suzuki Elctar racer managed to overtake Valentino Rossi and ended up winning third at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Joan Mir’s success not only thwarted Rossi’s mission to sweep the podium but also thwarted The doctor’s mission to reach his 200th podium during his career at the Grand Prix.

No wonder Joan Mir considered it the best moment along his journey at the 2020 MotoGP event yesterday.

“The best and most beautiful maneuver for me was when I overtook Vale at Misano. I thwarted his mission to reach the 200th podium, and the VR46 Riders Academy hat-trick. In fact, it should have been a very exciting day for Vale,” Mir told Diario. US.

Apart from that, Joan Mir admits that he is very impressed with the success of Valentino Rossi in collecting nearly 200 podiums throughout his career.

The success of the Italian rider inspired Joan Mir, at a very young age he wanted to achieve the same achievement.

“It was a fun moment, but I’m also amazed that Vale almost got 200 podiums. I have to start increasing the number of podiums to reach the same number, especially when I’m still young.”

“Me and Vale also had some cool mutual action on the first two laps at Portimao, I will continue to remember that,” he concluded.

In fact, Joan Mir’s success in the MotoGP event this season is unique. He only won one victory, but recorded 6 podiums, or the most compared to other riders.

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