Joan Mir hopes Marc Marquez will make a comeback for Qatar series

Marc Marquez’s comeback is confirmed to take place in the 2021 MotoGP season, but there is no definite information whether he can immediately appear in the first series. Regarding this, Joan Mir hopes that Marc can go straight to Qatar.

As is known, Marc Marquez did experience a serious injury due to a single accident in the first series of the 2020 season yesterday. The injury unexpectedly got even worse and kept him out for the whole 2020 season.

Some parties consider that Marc Marquez’s absence as the defending champion has influenced the final results of the MotoGP 2020 yesterday, where Joan Mir managed to become the champion.

Regarding this view, Joan Mir himself disagrees, according to him that Marc Marquez was absent not because he was cheated or kidnapped, but because of an accident caused by his attempt to beat other riders in the first series.

“I feel like I won the world title the way it is, because Marc was not kidnapped, but was injured after giving 100% to beat us all, although unfortunately he didn’t succeed. This season’s world title will not be more meaningful than before, but I want Marc to be on the track. , “said Mir.

Furthermore, the Suzuki Elcstar Rider, who won the 2020 MotoGP event yesterday, hopes that Marc Marquez can return to the track as soon as possible.

As is known, until now there is no certainty whether the eight-time world champion will play in the first series, but Mir hopes to compete directly with Marquez in the first series in Qatar later.

“With all my soul, I want Marc back in Qatar. I can imagine that could happen. I met him in Olvan when I was training there.”

“He came to watch Alex practice, and I saw that he was very sad. He didn’t seem at all having fun, and that’s natural, “said Mir.

Joan Mir knows very well how Marc Marquez feels having to leave his habit on the track and just stay at home.

“I can imagine, with the routine of life you’re so used to, it’s really hard to suddenly be doing nothing for so long, spending a year without a single race, not knowing when to come back.” Crush him.


Penulis: | 2 Februari 2021 | blog