Joan Mir hasn’t showed his maximum performance

Shinichi Sahara as the Suzuki Ecstar Team Director is so confident in the ability of the 2020 season world champion, Joan Mir. He even, the best form of the Spanish rider will still be seen in the MotoGP campaign in the following seasons.

As is known, last season, surprisingly, Joan Mir managed to become World Champion by topping the final standings of the highest racing competition. During the 14 races that were held, the person concerned won 7 podiums with details of only 1 victory.

Seeing the achievements of the 23-year-old Rider, Sahara as the Director of Suzuki Ecstar admitted he was amazed. The reason is, Joan Mir is still very young and has just started her third year with the Ecstar team.

Because he is young and has just joined, Sahara is confident that Joan Mir’s best potential will still be seen in the following seasons.

“Of course the best version of Joan will still come. He is still young and will only have his third season with us, so there is still room to understand the bike and our team further, and to develop.”

“I think that after becoming a champion, he will become more mature and know how to control pressure,” said Sahara.

Furthermore, the Japanese man expressed the same hopes for another Suzuki Ecstar rider, Alex Rins.

Last season, Alex Rins himself was quite able to compete, it’s just that he often made mistakes and was hit by injuries.

“We will see Alex will get stronger, fight fiercely with his tandem. Last year, unfortunately, he was very fit but then injured. This also greatly affected his performance throughout the season,” said Sahara.

Alex Rins and Joan Mir are two quality riders according to the Sahara, and it is not impossible that the two of them will become fierce rivals on the track, but Sahara still requires them to work together to bring Suzuki to the top.

“We have to avoid serious mistakes about the direction of development through the various data we collect on two different racing style characters.”

“Joan and Alex themselves understand the benefits of sharing data, and this helps the development of our motorbikes to be more competitive for both of them,” he concluded.

Penulis: | 18 Januari 2021 | blog