Joan Mir admits play safe at the Teruel MotoGP

Being at the top of the MotoGP 2020 standings does not necessarily mean that Joan Mir is motivated to achieve his first victory. The proof, the Suzuki Elcstar rider chose to play it safe in the Teruel GP series last weekend.

Joan Mir himself started the race at Aragon yesterday in 12th position, slowly he was able to bloat a number of riders including his closest rival in the standings, Fabio Quartararo.

But when he was about to take over the third position from Johan Zarco, Mir looked struggling. He struggled until he finally took the position on lap 11.

With the remaining laps available, as a result Rider Suzuki Elcstar could not catch up with Maverick Vinales and Alex Rins. In other words, Joan Mir only finished on the last podium.

Speaking after the race, the 23-year-old admitted that he had a hard time catching up with Johann. However, once the third position was taken over, Joan Mir admitted to playing it safe.

“I lost a bit of time when I dueled with Johann. He is strong enough, aggressive in braking, difficult to overtake because the Ducati has a lot of power. ”

“Once overtook Johann, I was able to maintain my speed and approach the leading rider, but my speed could not increase. So, in the last laps I did not feel comfortable on the bike. This is unfortunate, but we will try something more in Valencia,” said Mir via

Next, Joan Mir will target his first victory at the 2020 MotoGP in the Valencia series. The circuit is very friendly to Suzuki riders.

Joan Mir himself admits this, but he is aware that nothing is certain this season. For example in Austria, where he never expected to finish in 2nd position.

“I don’t know how our motorbike will perform in Valencia later. But we’ll see in Austria then, I didn’t expect it to be fast there, in fact it is competitive.”

“So, anything can happen. We’ll see the situation later. I think the track will suit us, but if you look at this season, who knows? “Concluded Mir.

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