Jesse Lingard Claims He Still Deserves To Defend Manchester United

Although previously it was very difficult for him to break into Manchester United’s main squad, Jesse Lingard has absolutely no doubt of his quality and believes that he still deserves to defend the club nicknamed the Red Devils.

As is known, Jesse Lingard finally left Manchester United in the winter transfer market in January to spend a loan period with West Ham United for the remainder of the 2020/21 season.

Who would have thought, along with West Ham United, the England national team player’s performance seemed to have improved, he became an important player who brought The Hammers to the 5th position in the Premier League standings.

Lingard’s situation at West Ham United compared to when he was still defending the Red Devils banner looks so contrasting. While still at Old Trafford he rarely got the chance to appear, even this season he only played three games.

In fact, of the three appearances, none of them were Premier League matches, the details themselves were 2 League Cup matches and one FA Cup match. Ironically, Lingard only came off the bench.

Naturally, this situation makes borrowing the most appropriate solution for both parties.

Talking about this situation, it is interesting that Jesse Lingard admits that he still deserves to defend Manchester United, but on the one hand he is also aware that borrowing is the right solution.

“I feel I still deserve to play for United, but obviously I know I have to move to another club on loan,”

“So there are various kinds of emotions, I experienced many things. Just to finish it and sign the contract with a happy feeling,” he said, as quoted by Metro.

Despite feeling a decline in form at Manchester United, Jesse Lingard has absolutely no doubts about his quality, he remains confident so maybe that is the reason why he is doing well at West Ham.

“At times it feels tough. You train every week, get ready for a game and then not get picked, that’s tough for any player.”

“Since coming here, I have had several targets written on the blackboard and until I reach them, I will never be satisfied,” he added.

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